I am an experienced artist and educator with an extensive eight-year teaching practice within Further Education and a track record of developing and delivering courses within the Creative Industries. I have a keen interest in creative learning and teaching within education and, how access to the arts and creative opportunities can enrich and enhance lives.

I started my creative journey through make-up artistry over 20 years ago and during this time my work has evolved naturally to integrate body art and photography.

More recently, I have found myself drawn towards nature for inspiration, using the changing seasons and Flowers as a muse for my current photography project Language of Flowers. I  have also been exploring and making small sculptures from sustainably sourced wood in Edinburgh.   Therefore, my artwork is slowly transforming into an eclectic mix of photography, botanical and body art as well as wood sculpture.



Social Entrepreneurs Fund |VOWS Nominee| VOWS Award Winner


Academic: The STeP Journal 2015 | see publication here

Editorial: Femme Rebelle | Scottish Wedding Directory | Various DC Thomson publications | Dark Beauty

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