Make-up has been used by humans throughout our history for effect in beauty, rituals, theatre, film, fashion and sub-cultures. It is a human art form that allows a flow of creative expression.  Influenced by culture as well as society and politics, make-up allows us a sense of self whilst giving form to cultural identity.

I am an award winning make-up artist with 28 years’ experience. During this time my work has evolved naturally to integrate body art and photography.   In 2009  I was appointed lead specialist and lecturer within the Further Education Sector to develop and deliver – for the first time in Edinburgh – make-up-artistry courses. With nine years teaching experience in Further Education, I  graduated from the University of Dundee in 2014 with a BA in Tertiary Education.

My aim is to promote and raise the profile of make-up artistry as an expressive form of art through the artwork I create, using photography,  body art and make-up artistry.



Social Entrepreneurs Fund |VOWS Nominee| VOWS Award Winner



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